About Us

Since 1978, we at DRS Air Balancing Corp. have been committed to providing the highest level of quality independent air testing, adjusting and balancing. We have completed over 10,000 different projects. Size and type range from one day to the largest building in NJ. We pride ourselves on fast and truthful reports.


Certified Professionals

Our staff of N.E.B.B. Certified professionals and technicians is what sets us apart from our competitors. In 1985 we realized that the air testing and balancing industry was changing and we began training our field technicians by sending them to N.E.B.B. Certification Classes. Now our field technicians are prepared to complete any project.


DRS Air Balancing Corp.
46 Wilson Drive
Sparta, NJ 07871


(973) 827-2803


(973) 827-0930

License #2993

Certified field technicians


  • Building Surveys
  • System Analysis
  • AAA LAC Testing
  • Ultrasonic Flow Testing
  • Duct Pressure Testing
  • Stairwell Pressurization
  • Smoke Evacuation
  • Fume Hood Certification
  • Clean Rooms
  • Operating Rooms
  • Animal Rooms